Current Trends in Social Media Engagement

The way we use social media on a day to day basis is constantly shifting, even more so in the way we interact with popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. More and more content is being created and shared every day; perhaps more than can be absorbed by users of such sites as Facebook. This can increase competition and make it harder for a story or post to gain exposure through organic means. With this is mind, engagement on social media sites is something that can by influenced by a number of different factors.

Success of social media platforms

Facebook and Twitter continue to lead the way when it comes to successful platforms. Both social media sites witnessed an ad revenue peak of 111% in the past 6 quarters. At the end of 2015, Facebook’s monthly users were at 1.59 billion with nearly $6 billion in ad sales. Twitter is now at 320 million monthly users as it continues to solidify its position as a strong social media brand.

Despite this, other social media seems to be plummeting as their engagement drops; Pinterest has seen this more significantly than others. Should be this be a cause for concern? Only if you don’t take action on your social channels.

Staying current on social media

There is a strong emphasis on marketers to maintain a healthy growth of monthly active users and engagement; this ensures your channels are still relevant and accessible by putting out fresh and engaging content.

However, in a bid to remain current, marketers shouldn’t neglect other aspects of their strategy. Blogs are the main area that become forgotten about; the average number of blogs per brand per month appeared to decrease 16% across the year while social media engagement climbed to an average of 190 social shares in a month.

Social media on mobile devices

Mobile devices have created a new way in which we see or respond to content on social media. With mobile internet usage on a constant increase, this is an important factor to consider. In the past year, there has been a 139% increase in video posts and a 91% increase in photo posts, indicating a clear shift in how people are using social media on smartphones.

There is an urgency for platform-specific content; a mobile application that delivers newsworthy content and engaging information will outpace traditional news and other web sources. Social networks are also beginning to adapt to promote greater in-app time and activity.

Recent study on social media engagement

TrackMaven carried out a recent study looking at content marketing in terms of social media. Analysing just under 23,000 brands across 50 million pieces of content, TrackMaven looked at the 5 major social channels; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. They found that while content output was high, engagement was falling. In other words, although marketers are generating more content, they have less to show for it. But how do you combat this?

It seems that tracking engagement and referral traffic on social media could be a way to understand which channels and content performs best for your business. With social media marketing now monetised, paid content promotion may also be essential for success, while engagement analytics can ensure you are spending your budget effectively. Sponsoring the right stories, blogging and real time engagement on social media could set your marketing strategy apart from others.

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